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If you are Windows 7 user, habitual of creating backup on regular basis then at some point or the other, you might come across “Error code: 0x81000037” that consequently calls for a solution to fix Windows 7 backup error. BKF Recovery software is an intellect development that aims to recover backup file from old version of windows XP and restore BKF file in Windows 7 after corruption, no matter what the level of corruptness is. When you make an attempt for Win 7 backup restore, you might come across following errors.

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Windows BKF Recovery Software » Solution For Varied Corruption Issues

Corruption in backup data and inability to restore XP backup into Windows 7 can be handled prominently with our commendable solution that is embedded with commendable abilities. Our repair Windows 7 backup utility is designed to work around varied issues that are responsible for inducing corruptness is BKF file. Below mentioned are some of the reasons that ask for an eminent solution to restore MS BKF in Windows 7.

  • Backup Not Created Carefully : If an improper backup is created, like interruption of any sort at the time of creating BKF file can cause problem in its restoration.
  • Restoration Tab Has No Catalog File : If multiple instances of NTBackup utility are opened while backup creation, it leads to catalog files missing. Therefore when an attempt to restore XP BKF File in Windows 7 is made, the utility is unable to track the path of data to be restored.
  • File System Difference : If the backup is created on 32-Bit Windows XP and user after OS change tries to restore the backup on 32-Bit Windows 7, then it will lead BKF file corrupt, demanding an answer to the query as how to restore XP BKF in Windows 7.

Download Freeware Solution to Fix Issues

To examine software way of working and to determine its caliber, download free demo version of the Windows BKF repair software to restore MS BKF File in Windows 7. With free version for test, you can have a view at the backup content and files but option to save it is deactivated in demo version and is activated in full version.

What Clients Say

Highly corrupted BKF files was not supposed to be recovered by the BKF Repair software with this much perfection. I was under the impression that once data files are corrupted it is equal to impossible to get complete data back, but BKF Repair software changed all my prejudice regarding third party software solutions by completely recovering BKF file data without altering single data content.

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