3 Ways of Scanning to Repair BKF File

Microsoft backup file recovery is completely achievable with the BKF repair tool, which repair bkf files created within the NTBackup and Backup Exec by Symantec series. From the BKF file archive folder, it is possible to recover volume, folder structure, and dataset files as the tool is expertly designed to restore data from bkf files that are not accessible due to any reason of corruption. Now, a few more features have been added in the bkf file repair tool, such as: export report of all or selected files/folders path and name, etc details into TXT or CSV file. The next feature is that it searches for BKF files within partitions on your laptop or desktop machine. Download free latest BKF recovery application now and get the issue of .zip/.bkf corruption solved effectively on all Windows Operating Systems, such as: Win 11, 10, Win 8.1, 8, 7, and so on.

Advanced Windows BKF Repair Software includes three new scanning options: Range-Based, Deep, and Quick Scan, which make BKF file repair and MS backup recovery much more effective based on the user's needs.

Quick Scan BKF

Quick Scan

Quick Scan Option - Instant Solution - For a speedy BKF repair & extract. The Quick Scan option is suitable, which will give one phase scanning of files and help to recover files and folders with a quick scanning process. With less corruption, this is the best scanning option to recover Windows backup files.

Deep BKF Scan

Deep Scan

Deep Scan Option - Entire Solution - The most recommended and helpful scanning option is the Deep Scan, which ensures two phases of scanning that compulsorily scan, repair, and recover folders and sub-folders of BKF files effectively. The option provides you with complete recovery of the backup database.

Range Based BKF Scan

Range Scan

Range Scan Option - User's Demand - According to the user, if only particular data is to be scanned and recovered, then select Range -based scan. That asks for a particular range of data to be scanned from the BKF file. Time, effort, and management issues will be minimised with this option (Range Scan) selected.

Key Features of BKF Repair Tool

No File Size Limitation

Support All File Size

Utilize latest extractor tool for backup .bkf file that offers hi-tech data recovery tactics for recovery of files that are of TB in size (for.eg. even 16777220 terabyte and more).

User Interface

Easy User Interface

GUI is so dominant and effortless to follow which help novice user in the field to get good answer for their query how to fix or extract bkf file related corruption issues.

BKF Backup File Types

Recover All Types of Files

BKF file stored with any kind of backup option activated as full, incremental or range, that become inaccessible can be recovered with the software.


Symantec Exec Supported

Completely underpins all the BKF files created using Windows NTBackup and VERITAS Backup Exec.


Multi-level File Scanning

Multi dataset, multi volume data etc from BKF archives can be recovered from BKF archives with the easiness of BKF recovery offered even after deepest corruption is reported. This can be done by using an advanced and reliable tool for BKF file repair.


Guarantee of Data Retention

MS backup recovery program is a complete package to recover, repair and resolve corruption issues with BKF files affordably, effectively and also with guarantee of data retention.

Resolve Issues

Resolves All Corruption Issues

Resolves file corruption issues that occurred as a result of hardware or software failure, an attack by a virus, and a variety of other causes.

compatiable with all os

Supports All Version of Windows

Windows OS (any version) stored BKF file can be located and loaded with the software helping in fast, effective BKF file repair process.

Complete Backup

Recover & Save BKF File Item Report

Windows Backup recovery without the need for administrative privileges, which is an added benefit to get MS Backup recovery anytime and search, select, and scan BKF files. The user can simply save the bkf file items report, including like : file and folder names, path, creation date, last access date, etc, into a TXT or CSV file.

BKF Repair Tool Screenshots


Open BKF & Zip File

Step 1: Open *.BKF / *.ZIP File & Select Scanning Modes


Extract and Repair BKF File

Step 2: Preview & Extract Data from Backup File


Save Recovered Data

Step 3: Save Extract File


Save Data at Selected Location

Step 4: Extracted Path

Watch Live Video of BKF Repair

Take a Trial to Know How Well Tool to Repair BKF File

bkf repair box

Size: 24.6 MB Version: 10.0


With the free download demo option activated here, users can learn how to recover BKF files once they are reported as corrupted or inaccessible. The free version of the advanced Windows backup recovery tool is an effective way to work without any investment, as the tool can load, scan, and repair BKF files. But the free version is activated till the preview of recovered data is shown. To keep the data in a healthy way, one needs to buy the full version of the BKF recovery software.

Trial Limitations

The demo version of the BKF Repair tool can only preview the recovered BKF files; it does not extract them.

Download BKF Repair

System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – XP, Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Symantec backup Exec additionally makes .bkf file which is completely supported by the tool.
As you know that, Windows 11, 10 do not support .BKF files. You have to download and install bkf repair tool to open bkf file in windows 10 oprating system.
Yes! you can simply restore and extract data from bkf file which has been corrupted due to any reason.
Yes, you have the ability to fix BKF file on Windows 7 system and subsequently recover it on either Windows 11 or Windows 10. Additionally, it is possible to restore BKF files from any Windows edition and then retrieve them from any other Windows version.

What Clients Say

How to fix BKF file corruption was my query, I found the perfect answer as the BKF Repair tool via the internet. I wish to share my gratitude towards the support executive, who helped me to get the process of BKF repair done with ease. I wish to say that the BKF file recovery tool is really a rock star.

From Tirmen New York

Backups are crucial to an enterprise's needs. Being an administrator, I had to ensure that none of my employees had to confront any sort of data loss situation. After trying out the demo version, I invested in a business licence of BKF Recovery software without any second thought.

Stacey Damm United Kingdom
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