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Backup recovery software is becoming demand amongst users of all groups in order make sure that even after corruption there backed up data remains accessible. Similarly, our Windows backup recovery program has been designed with the most demanded set of techniques that proffer a dependable repair procedure. In fact, you can even avail this highly productive application at a reasonable price range. Available in three varied licenses, this backup recovery software is a perfect choice for a pocket friendly repair and restoration of your .bkf file. Be it corruption due to virus infection, Trojan attack, improper backup creation, or any other reason, using our tremendously versatile backup repair program is the choice you can make. This tool also restore windows XP backup files in Win 7.


What Intervenes When Requested Backup Encounters Inconsistency?

The error message stating that "An inconsistency was encountered in the requested backup file" usually occurs when you try to access a backup file which has already been affected adversely by:

  • Virus infection
  • Interrupted backup creation
  • Trojan attack
  • Improper shutdown of the system while backup was being accessed
  • Corruption due to BITS

But most of the times it is considered that, the need of a Windows backup recovery software application comes up in such a situation because after the creation of the respective backup file installation of a Windows based system with the usage of a dissimilar product key.

A screenshot of the respective error message has been shown below in order to demonstrate the entire scenario:

an inconsistency was encountered on the requested backup

Meanwhile, overcoming such a situation becomes an eased procedure with the help of backup recovery software which is considered an expert at repairing and restoring the backup file data.

Some of the Dependable Lineaments Featured : Windows Backup Recovery App

  • Repairs unlimited number of backup file contents easily.
  • Repair Windows backup file without any interruptions.
  • Restores the repaired files backed up on the damaged backup in their original format.
  • Owns the ability of repairing any format of file backed up on your BKF file.