Save XLS to XLSX For Better Utilization Of Newly Added Features

Save XLS to XLSX format as to gain all the benefits of the MS Excel 2007 and 2010 simply. Most of the users who haven't yet updated their MS office Excel to newly updated version faced mentioned issues.

Suppose you haven't updated your Excel edition and one of your client send you a XLSX file which is prepared with the edition 2007 and it has more than 65000 rows and up-to 300 columns. Now whenever you try to access the file you face certain issue and barred to access the data preserved with the file. In such situation you can either update your MS office, but it will take time, thus we suggest you to save XLS to XLSX Extension with our organization developed Office Upgrade application.

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Why Users Must Save XLS To XLSX File Format: Reasons

  • 2007 and 2010 edition of Excel is developed to provide millions of rows and columns.
  • Lots of graphic tools are complied with the MS office Excel 2007 and 2010
  • Newly developed features for pivot tables

Most of the users save MS XLS to XLSX file because of office xml format. As because the XML file format provide smooth data integration between back-end systems and documents. Once XML file format are opt, then owner can reduce the size of the file, smoothen the interoperability of spreadsheets with sources like line-of-business systems and improve the possibility of data migration.

Experienced Solution To Upgrade Office

With our organization developed MS Office Upgrade software users can update any Excel file to its higher version without affecting the data preserved in the file. Recommend application is developed with the finest attributes which help users in effective up-gradation such as:

  • Allow users to upgrade as many as files they want to update.
  • Retain exactness of the file (keep modification dates, creation dates, etc exact)
  • Users can update single file or multiple file speedily and accurately